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Workforce outsourcing

Employment outsourcing with flexible hiring of associates for the work needs of the client


Workforce HR tool

An innovative software solution for the centralized management of HR data


Workforce video interview

Professional recruitment and selection with the making of video footage of the interviewed candidates

Workforce products and services

Flexible and innovative HR solutions to the highest HR standards

Workforce outscoring

Workforce outscoring is an employment model which entails the flexible employment of associates for the needs of the clients. Workforce assumes the role of a formal employer who does all HR activities, whereas the client maintains the focus on their primary activity.


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Workforce HR tool

Workforce HR tool is a specialized software solution intended for HR professionals. This cloud platform enables the clients to systematically manage all HR data.


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Workforce recruitment and selection

Workforce recruitment and selection is a solution that enables the clients to choose the best candidates for the required work positions. The application of confirmed Workforce methods in the process of recruitment and selection guarantees that the client will save time and that the associates will be carefully selected.


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Workforce video interview

Workforce video interview is an innovative solution which enables the clients to meet the candidates without being actually present at the candidates’ interviews. The client has the possibility to review the footage of the interviews after Workforce selects and recruits candidates, which facilitates their decision about potential hiring.


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Workforce assessment centers

Workforce assessment centers are the solutions that ensure a more comprehensive overview for the clients in the process of candidate selection. This methodology is successfully applied in the evaluation and development of existing teams and employees’ personal competence.


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Workforce training center

Workforce training center is used to educate employees and develop the client’s organization. Open trainings are organized periodically within the training center, while specialized in-house trainings made to fit the client’s needs can also be organized.


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About us

Workforce Human Resources is an employment agency which provides comprehensive solutions in the fields of management and development of human resources. By constantly introducing innovations in the domain of human resources and adjusting to the needs of the market for flexible employment, Workforce enables both their associates and clients to accomplish their business ambitions to the highest HR standards.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality employment, while respecting the wishes and ambitions of both the clients and employees.

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