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Each day, we strive to adjust our services to our client’s neeeds with the goal of providing top HR support.

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We always want to build a sincere partnership. In accordance with that, we offer fair prices with readiness to share risks with our client.

Regional presence

We are part of the HR group that operates in Serbia, Slovenia and BIH, so we can bring best practices from the region to the local market.

Workforce services

Flexible and innovative HR solutions to the highest HR standards

Workforce Recruitment Solutions

The basic characteristic of this category of services includes mediation in the hiring process. The role of Workforce is to offer support to the client in the process of searching for and selecting candidates with the goal of successfully closing open positions.

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Workforce Staffing Solutions

The basic characteristic of this category of services represents a division of obligations linked with the working engagement of employees. Workforce takes over the hiring process and all accompanying staffing activities, while the client takes over handling the work activities of the employees.


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Workforce Payroll Solutions

Calculating employee payroll represents an extremely important and delicate process, which requires a high level of expertise and experience. Our payroll consultants can take over the entire process of calculating payroll from the client.

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Workforce Digital Solutions

Workforce digital is a specialized software solution for managing HR processes. This digital platform is intended for clients that use Workforce Staffing services, with the aim of centralized tracking of workers recruited externally.


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Workforce Consulting Solutions

This category of service includes professional consulting support in the area of HR management. The degree of support can encompass only certain HR activities or managing the entire HR process.


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About us

Workforce is a regional HR company that offers comprehensive solutions in the area of management and development of human resources.
We are a part of the group HRM One, which is present on the markets of Serbia, Slovenia and BiH. Within our group, the Student Employment Service S servis, which deals with mediation in employing students and youth. Our team deals with flexible employment, the search and selection of personnel, support in HR processes and development of human potential.

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